What about this housing permit?

Riva explains the policy behind the permission to live in certain areas

A couple of neighborhoods in Rotterdam require a housing permit. The municipality wants to keep out certain target groups in weaker neighborhoods, striving for a good reflection. As our tenants sometimes have to apply for a permit we do a little explaining.

Informing our expats and international students

Riva rents out a lot of apartments to expats and international students. Sometimes a Housing Permit is needed. We will always inform our clients if a permit is needed and can help them apply. A housing permit is required for the following neighborhoods in Rotterdam: Carnisse, Hillesluis, Oud Charlois, Bloemhof, Tarwewijk. In addition, a housing permit is required for the following streets in Delfshaven: Grote Visserijstraat, Mathenesserdijk, Mathenesserweg, Schiedamseweg, Willem Buytewechstraat, Vierambachtstraat, 's-Gravendijkwal, 1e Middellandstraat, 2e Middellandstraat and Middellandplein. The Municipality made a special document with the precise locations. 

Step by step

You’ll want to live in beautiful Rotterdam, you’ll search our website and you’ll find an apartment through Riva. You will let us know that you want to view an apartment. When it’s located in the aforementioned areas we’ll let you know that a housing permit is mandatory. When you have visited the house and like it you can indicate you want the house. That's when we take action.

Riva Group is affiliated with the VBO trade association so we are required to perform a rental check. Screening our possible tenants is of utmost importance to us and our clients. A reliable tenant is extremely important for a carefree rental process. In addition to checking proof of identity, we also contact your employer to ensure that the documents are correct. The payslips, working documents or possibly a copy of the Chamber of Commerce and the annual figures are also checked by several people. 

Then we will inform the property-owner about your interest. If the landlord or landlady agrees they will sign a statement. The owner thereby indicates that you will receive a lease in the case you will receive a housing permit from the municipality. A concept of the lease is also sufficient. 

High Skilled Worker

Now you can apply for a housing permit. It is advisable to check whether your employer is a Public Register Recognised Sponsor. A recognised sponsor can apply for a residence permit for employees or students. All current companies how are considered to be a reliable partner for the IND can be found in this document. If you're going to work for one of these employers you can be considered a High Skilled Worker which brings advantages. You can book a combined appointment to register your long-term BSN with the municipality and/or collect your residence permit and/or to provide your biometrical information at the IND at the Rotterdam Expat Centre.

The one stop shop is available for Highly skilled migrants, but also Intra Corporate Transferees (ICT), Scientific researchers, Orientation year students, Entrepreneurs, Family members and all EU citizens that receive the 30% ruling 

Appointment at Stadswinkel

WIf you're not able to make such an appointment at Rotterdam Expat Centre you''ll need the make an appointment at a Stadswinkel. With the necessary documents proving approval from the lessor an appointment can be made. You can make an appointment for the housing permit by calling +31 (0)10-2671625. Or you make an appointment online, for which you will need a DigiD. 

Due to a shortage of staff it may take a long time before an appointment is possible. Unfortunately, the waiting time can be up to 6 weeks. 

When the appointment is due. You’ll bring the statement of willingness and all other necessary documents such as an employer statement to a Stadswinkel. These are the offices of the municipality. There, you will complete the request together with an employee of the Stadswinkel. The Stadswinkel then sends the request to the responsible department of the municipality.

Criteria for a housing permit

A couple of things are investigated by this department.

Firstly, income is tested. Tenants who have lived in Rotterdam for less than 6 years and wish to move into a housing permit area must meet the following criteria:

The tenant should be economically independent

The income must be higher than the Rotterdam social security standard

Income may come from: Work (employment contract), Independent profession, Own company or scholarships.

Other forms of income are not allowed!

Since March 2019 the living history of the potential tenant can also be checked in some areas. 

This investigation can take two to a maximum of six weeks. During this time the keys will never be handed to you. That will be a violation with the risk of getting a fine. This fine can amount to € 20,500. We all want to prevent this! So please be patient.

As soon as the permit is granted we’ll give you the keys and you can enjoy your new home. 

Because the municipality receives many questions and comments, we at Riva do hope that there may be some adjustments to the procedure and a faster completion can be secured. We have regular contact with the responsible members within the municipality for consultation. As soon as there are changes, we will immediately communicate these and adjust our own procedure.

If you have any questions about this measure or how we deal with it, you can always contact us via: 010 236 17 95 or via info@rivarentals.com.


Cover: Gerard Lakerveld

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