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Vision & mission

As housing market leader of expatriate housing in Rotterdam we build a strong brand with durable and high-quality portfolio of properties. Our aim is to give both landlords and expatriates a total piece of mind duing the rental process. The combination of a highly trained team and the right application of innovative technology should provide the perfect customer experience. Our rental agents are knowledgeable, energetic and highly committed. We know the inventory inside out and work with the best landlords an other agencies in the city.

Our commitment to introduce you all available houses and apartments in Rotterdam is enourmous. This is why you are sure to find the apartment or house that is right for you, so based on your specific needs. We will make sure that the entire process is an enjoyable one

Our agents

We are not just another expat rental agency. Please let us introduce our team

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Our history

  • Completion of our own backoffice system 'Masterriva'

  • Riva Rentals is leader of the Rotterdam market with 60% of all properties over 1.000,-

  • In this year we had an average of one transaction a day

  • Renovation of our new office and storage space at the Oostzeedijk Beneden, City Center

  • Founding of Riva Rentals B.V, Riva Corporate B.V. and the start of our Property Management Service

  • New exclusive collaborations with Corporate Clients like Shell, Glencore, Unilever, BP, International Schools and several big investors

  • Focus on Rotterdam with the start up fase of the Riva Group

  • Label Maasvlakte Rentals founded. With the housing of more than 1000 eomployees in Maasvlakte/ Botlek and Europoort area

  • Voorne Makelaardij founded

What our customers say about us

Al geruime tijd waren wij op zoek naar de juiste belegging. Na contact met meerdere aankoopmakelaars kwamen we erachter dat we beter op zoek konden gaan naar verhuurspecialisten om erachter te komen wat het hoogst haalbare rendement zou kunnen zijn. Met Bart van Riva Rentals hadden we direct een beleggingsspecialist in handen. Riva heeft ons begeleid bij de aankoop, verhuur en doen tevens het beheer voor het pand. Modern kantoor met vriendelijk personeel!

Milou Hilkhuysen

Our agents