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As housing market leader of expatriate housing in Rotterdam we build a strong brand with durable and high-quality portfolio of properties. Our aim is to give both landlords and expatriates a total piece of mind duing the rental process. The combination of a highly trained team and the right application of innovative technology should provide the perfect customer experience. Our rental agents are knowledgeable, energetic and highly committed. We know the inventory inside out and work with the best landlords an other agencies in the city.

Our commitment to introduce you all available houses and apartments in Rotterdam is enormous. This is why you are sure to find the apartment or house that is right for you, so based on your specific needs. We will make sure that the entire process is an enjoyable one.

Riva is a genuine Rotterdam company. We got mad love for our city and we want to show our international clientele why Rotterdam is becoming more popular everyday. On our blog you'll find guides to explore Rotterdam, tips about Dutch rules and everyday life of the locals.


Our agents



    Specialist investing sale and purchase

    With his years of experience and enthusiasm for the business, Ronald is a real Rotterdam realtor. Born in Dordrecht, but knows Rotterdam like no other. Fanatic boxer and very proud of his two daughters. A real water lover who enjoys spending his free time sailing in Zeeland or looking up the adrenaline with wakeboarding.

    Fave hotspot: The view from “The Rotterdam”


    Phone number: 010 - 2361795
    Email address: ronald@rivamakelaars.nl



    Operational Manager

    Priscilla is an operational manager with a background in marketing and psychology. Has gained experience at corporate companies, but now she feels great at an ambitious Rotterdam real estate agency. Spends as much time as possible with her family and friends. Traveling is her passion! There is always something new to discover.

    Fave hotspot in Rotterdam: Rolph's Deli


    Phone number: 010-2361795
    Email address: priscilla@rivarentals.com



    Rental Agent

    Originally from Zeeland but already eight years a big fan of Rotterdam.
    Has a passion for traveling and living in big cities like New York, Cape Town and Bangkok.
    On the weekends she can be found in nature during the day and in the casino or pub with her friends at night.

    Fave Hotspot in Rotterdam: de Nieuwe Binnenweg



    Phone number: 010 - 2361795
    Email address: nina@rivarentals.com



    Commercial Office Employee

    Rotterdam, (on the edge) '90s kid, Marketing / Communication background, interest in (local and national) politics. Zodiac sign: pub tiger, prefers to drink wine with friends, wherever. Born and raised in Rotterdam, zip code 3062 and never planning to leave there.

    Fave hotspot in Rotterdam: HMB Restaurant


    Phone number: 010 - 2361795
    Email address: simone@rivarentals.com



    Commercial Office Employee

    Youngest of the team, but can easily take a beating. Always knows how to keep it cool in busy times. Loves sociability, wine and is known for her striking smile. Maybe one day you’ll be lucky to hear it..

    Fave hotspot in Rotterdam: de Meent

    Phone number: 010 - 2361795
    Email address: violet@rivarentals.com



    Commercial office employee

    Worked with expats in the business travel world and now helps expats on the real estate side. Is a real regulator. In her free time she is often found at a festival or nice party.

    Fave hotspot in Rotterdam: Witte de Withstraat


    Phone number: 010 - 2361795
    Email address: nina.radic@rivarentals.com




    Raised in 's Gravendeel, but after 17 years in Rotterdam she has become a real Rotterdam citizen. Has a weakness for the city centre of Rotterdam and preferably stays in the zip code 3011.

    Fave hotspot in Rotterdam: de Meent

    Phone number: 010 - 2361795
    Email address: frieda@rivarentals.com



    Content Marketeer

    Was jarenlang onafgebroken fysiek in de stad te vinden als journalist. Blijft tegenwoordig vooral online op de hoogte van alle lokale nieuwtjes over cultuur, horeca, retail, lifestyle en vastgoed. Deze fijnschrijver is tevens berucht om slechte woordgrappen. Waar hij dan zelf het hardst om lacht. Beetje jammer! 

    Favo hotspot in Rotterdam: Als het maar nieuw is

    Phone number: 010 - 2361795
    Email address: jeroen@rivarentals.com



    Intern Content Marketing

    Born and raised in Zeeland, but a proud resident of Rotterdam for already 4 years. Studying communication at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and may now work his magic as an intern at Riva. Loves a chat and often visits zoos, cities and nature in his spare time! With or without a camera.

    Fave hotspot in Rotterdam: Baek

    Phone number: 010 - 2361795
    Email address: samuel@rivarentals.com

Our history



Realization 200m2 extra office space for the Riva team at the Oostzeedijk Beneden.


Creation of Riva Makelaars B.V. with focus on investments and sales.


Riva Rentals is leader of the Rotterdam market with the largest share decorated/furnished apartments above €1.000,- per month in Rotterdam.


Renovation of our new office and storage space at the Oostzeedijk Beneden, City Center.


In this year we do on average of 1 mediation per day.


Founding of Riva Rentals B.V, Riva Corporate B.V. and the start of our Property Management Service.


New exclusive collaborations with corporate clients like Shell, Glencore, Unilever, BP, International Schools and several big investors.


Focus on Rotterdam with the start up fase of the Riva Group.


The label Maasvlakte Rentals was founded. With the housing of more than 1000 employees in Maasvlakte/ Botlek and Europoort area.


What our customers say about us

Laura, our agent was very helpful, friendly, and most importantly available to us throughout the whole process. With 3 animals finding an apartment to rent was a bit complicated, but Laura provided us with several good options in various districts and styles. When we toured the city with her, she gave us honest opinions and provided great info about not just the apartments themselves, but also the surrounding areas. What I really liked, was that she did not hesitate to help us with issues not included in the contract; she suggested a place to buy cheap good bikes, gave us suggestions for places to eat/not to eat, and explained the recycling system to us. Although using their full market search was quite expensive, it seems the price of one month's rent is the norm for any apartment locating service in the area. I would definitely recommend Riva Rentals to my friends and family.

Rita Tucker

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