Short stay

Comfortable and all including on a central location

120m2 apartments including facilities

A Riva short stay apartment is an excellent temporary home for your staff for either shorter or longer periods.

For the employer and the employee a short stay apartment brings many advantages. The hectic search for a high quality apartment is now over. This saves you time and a lot of stress, and with this type of accommodation your staff will be more than satisfied. Definitely a win-win situation for everyone.

The costs for the temporary apartments per night are comparable to hotel accommodation, or cheaper! However, instead of 30m2 impersonal space, your staff members have an average of 120m2 of living space at their disposal. Our apartments are centrally located within walking distance of all facilities (public transport, shops, restaurants etc.)

Our short stay apartments. Ask our staff for availability

Markthal apartment

Stylish interior, a-location, unique living in iconic building

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Elegant design

Luxury wellness, fully equipped, gym, magnificent view

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Magnificent view

Central location, 3 big bedrooms, superior comfort

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Luxurious Spa

Fitness facilities, citycenter, multiple bedrooms

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Markthal apartment

96 fresh food places, all including, extraordinary architecture

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New York Style

Chic and convenient location, all including, high end facilities

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All including

Fully equipped, jacuzzi, gym and turkish bath, including parking

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Family apartment

Spacious design, central location, stunning views

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