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kiddo staffKiddo Staff is a nationwide operating intermediate for professional and reliable childcare at home. Kiddo Staff will handle your application with special care and a personal touch and is a reliable partner of Riva Rentals Rotterdam. 

How do we find the right nanny for you?

If you are interested in the service that Kiddo Staff offers, we will make an appointment to visit you at your home. During our meeting we can assess your need for childcare. Then we will start the recruitment of a suitable candidate. We already have several friendly and reliable nannies working via our company but when it’s necessary we will recruit a new nanny to meet with your needs. 

We will review the aptitude of a candidate by checking the credentials. They need to have a pedagogical education, a first aid diploma, a Certificate of Conduct and a good knowledge of the Dutch and English language. 

Sometimes we find more than one nanny that suits your demands. We present the candidate(s) to you on paper for a first impression. After you made a decision which candidate you would like to see, we can set up a meeting with her. Only if the nanny meets up to your standard and makes you feel comfortable, she will start to take care of your children. 

Kiddo Staff can advise you to determine the salary of the nanny and the terms and conditions of the contract. During the contract, you can make continued use of the services of Kiddo Staff. We evaluate the relationship between nanny, parents and Kiddo Staff on a regular basis to achieve the best possible partnership. 

Please contact us:

Rianne Kroef
Kiddo Staff 
Voorstraat 136

Telephone number: 0181-480472 
Mobile number: 06-46633465 
Or send an e-mail to:

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