Tenant responsibilities

In accordance with the listed items in article 7.4:203 / 210 (incl.) BW and article 7.4:217 BW

Guidelines on Minor Repairs

The following costs are to be borne by lessee:

a) Mounting and fastening loose parts in the living accommodation, including in all instances loose:

- banisters, doorknobs and thresholds;

- electrical switches, power points and door bells;

b) Replacement and restoration of parts and fixtures of the living accommodation which can be easily

replaced, among which in all instances:

- door and window knobs, hinges and locks;

- keys for indoor and outdoor locks;

c) Maintaining operability and regular checking, oiling and lubricating or decalcifying movable parts,

among which in all instances:

- door, shutter and window locks and hinges;

- taking measures to prevent (repair of) frozen taps;


d) Replacement of light bulbs inside and outside the premises;

e) Replacement of damaged windows and mirrors irrespective of the cause;

f) Maintenance and replacement of parts of technical installations in the premises insofar as this

maintenance is technically simple and does not require any specialized knowledge, among which in all


- bleeding radiators and filling the central heating system with water;

- re-starting of the central heating system after failure;

- replacing (mechanical) ventilation filters and cleaning grates;

g) Installation and maintenance of necessary anti-draught measures provided there are no appreciable

costs involved;

h) Maintenance of the gardens, yards, driveways and fences such that these appear well cared for, among

which in all instances:

- regular lawn mowing;

- regular weeding of the lawn and between tiles on driveways, paths and terraces;

- regular pruning of hedges and saplings; replanting dead shrubbery and plants;

i) Cleaning and, if necessary, removing obstructions in the sewerage pipes in the premises up to the

connection point from the living accommodation to the municipal sewer or the main sewer;

j) Inside and outside cleaning of windows, window frames / sills, door frames, painted woodwork and other

painted surfaces to the extent they can be reached by lessee;

k) Pest-control, unless the presence of vermin is the result of the structural state of the premises;

l) Regular cleaning of gutters and drainpipes to the extent they can be reached by lessee;

m) Regular removal of dirt and rubbish.

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