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We are not just another expat rental agency

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We are not just another rental agency. We make things happen. We are proactive, energised individuals who think laterally. We believe that to get things done, one has to put in the effort. If you are willing to rent a house or apartment, we will ensure that we fully understand your needs and preferences and prepare you a list with suitable properties. Not only from our own portfolio, but we will also scan the complete market for you. We will make sure that the entire process will be an enjoyable one.

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Finding a home in a completely new city like Rotterdam is one of the most difficult tasks for an expat.
I was really lucky to have Riva Rentals helping me find an apartment twice already: first a small apartment for myself and second one when my family joined.

Her thoughtful approach, understanding of my needs as an expat, excellent service where she made me feel like I am the most important client were not only highly appreciated but made me feel confident that I have a partner for all my house related issues as long as I stay in the NL!

Lidija Tisljar, Nielsen

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We are not just another expat rental agency

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