The licence for sharing a house has changed

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Renting a house in Rotterdam. Riva makes it easy for expats and international students to share an apartment in Rotterdam. We are specialized in listing spacious houses that can be shared temporarily. Unfortunately, the municipality had changed the rules for sharing. It used the be ok to live together with three people. But from July 1st it's only permitted for two people to live together.

Helping expats and international students

Riva is a Rotterdam market leader in expat and student housing. For over ten years, we are renting out houses, mainly to foreign professionals and students coming to live in the Netherlands temporarily. A lot of the times they prefer to live together and share an apartment. And that was easily possible as it was permitted to live together with three persons in one house. Riva rents out many houses with several bedrooms on behalf of home owners and investors in order to optimally serve and retain this largest target group. 

But from july 1st it's no longer permitted to share a house among three people with different surnames without a license. In several other districts they will stop issuing permits for sharing all together. It concerns Oud Charlois, Carnisse, Tarwewijk, Bloemhof, Hillesluis and the western part Oud Mathenesse. In a number of other districts, such as East and West Kralingen, the municipality had already stopped issuing permits. This map shows where rooming houses are allowed and where they are not. 

This change is part of a program that aims to combat abuses in the private housing market and encourage good landlordism. The measure should prevent price increases as real estate investors offer more money for houses. As a result, it is said families can't buy houses as they are outbid and leave the city for surrounding villages for example. Politicians try to reverse that trend by implementing the new rules. 

To prevent living situations that were legal up until now from becoming illegal due to the new rules, a transitional arrangement applies until September 2022.  

What does this mean?

Unfortunately, these new rules will have quite an impact. It will be a lot more difficult to share an apartment together with other students and expats. In the descriptions of our listings, we will indicate whether three residents are allowed to live in a house. 

But as the new regulations were introduced in a hurry there are still some uncertainties. That means we still expect changes. So, please still check our listings and ask for viewings. We will look at each situation in detail and discuss the possibilities. 

If you see a house you want to visit, alone or with future roommates, that is still possible. So mail to if you see a property where you want to live.


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