Should I rent a decorated or furnished apartment?

You often see it in advertisements and on residential sites: a rental property that can be rented including furnished interiors or perhaps only decorated. But what exactly does that mean, furnished or decorated? And what fits your situation the best?

When searching for an apartment, it is important to consider the level of the interior of the apartment. On the rental market and also here at Riva, there are offered homes that are delivered in different ways: empty apartments, furnished apartments and decorated apartments. To prevent tenants from being misled, we will explain the difference below.  


Bare apartments

Bare apartments are not very popular with expats. This is because an empty house requires a lot of work such as laying a floor and painting the walls. When you move to another country as an expatriate and you start a new job, you do not want to concern yourself with such matters. But if you have enough time to do the job and would you prefer to decorate / remodel the house to your own taste, this can be an option for you.


Decorated apartments

Decorated apartments are more attractive for expats since the base is already there. But what are the characteristics of a decorated apartment?

There must be a floor: Laminate, wood, parquet flooring or more modern materials such as PVC in a neutral color are most wanted by expats because it’s easy to maintain compared to for example a carpet. All rooms have to be equipped with lamps and the kitchen has all the necessary appliances. Finally, there should be a washing machine in a decorated house. A dryer is also a welcome addition. Especially in apartments where there is little room for drying laundry.


Furnished apartment

A furnished apartment is an apartment with a complete interior. This is still the most popular option for expats. In addition to all the necessary equipment and furniture, practical items such as a vacuum cleaner, towels, crockery, cutlery etc. are also available. On request we can provide you with an extensive list with all the necessities. As an expat you only have to think about your personal items and you can immediately move in to the apartment. We always give landlords the advice to furnish an apartment in a neutral style and to make sure there is enough closet space if possible. Finally to give it a homely and warm feeling we indicate to add something extra: cozy accessories to make the home feel complete. A furnished apartment is ideal for someone that does not want to worry about the interior and so to speak only wants to take his toothbrush with him or her.


How do I know what suits me?

We often see a split between singles/couples and families. Singles and couples often opt for decorated and furnished homes while families often prefer their own furniture.

Furthermore, the duration of your stay also plays a part in the choice. Expats that stay for 1-2 years often rent a furnished apartment, but when you are planning to stay for let’s say five years then it is logical to bring your own furniture.

At Riva we can advise you on what suits you better and look for apartments that suit your preference.


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