Riva adjusts it's services because of coronavirus

New protocol for visiting rental properties

As a rental agent in Rotterdam, Riva manages many homes. Of course we follow the guidelines of the Governmental RIVM during viewings and check ins and check outs. We will consult all involved beforehand to secure a safe meeting.

Tailored service

Riva has of course adapted the working method in this current uncertain period. We follow the guidelines of RIVM (The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) in the execution of our services. The corona virus COVID-19 has a major impact on our work. Because we want to ensure the health of our clients, customers and employees and prevent further spread of the virus, we have taken the following measures.

We are still available by phone at (0)10-2361795 or by email: info@rivarentals.com. Viewings can therefore still be scheduled. No group viewings are organized and our real estate agents do not shake hands. Our rental agents will open the door for the interested person to view the house for themselves. Our broker will wait outside. The request is not to touch surfaces in the house!

Furthermore, we request our customers to use common sense:

- Cancel the viewing in time if you have (mild) flu, cough or cold complaints

- Cough and sneeze in an elbow if necessary

- Come with a maximum of two persons to a viewing

Video display

A house can also be shown via video on request. There are several ways in which we serve our valued customers. For each situation, it will be discussed in advance with all parties involved. That way a safe and secure operation by Riva can be carried out. 

Check In and Check Out

Although viewings can be carried out by video our brokers will physically perform the so-called check-ins and check-outs. On the day that a tenant moves into a house, one of our brokers will be present together with the landlord or the manager to hand over the key. During delivery, an inspection report is drawn up of the state of the house. Further more all details and general areas and the inventory will be photographed. This way at te end of the rental period it can be checked whether the house is left in the same condition by the tenant as the beginning.

Our brokers must therefore be present, but they will always keep a distance of one and a half meters during these appointments. If a tenant leaves a house, the house must be delivered in the same condition as when he got the keys. As a rental agent, we are also present at this final inspection, again at an appropriate distance, to check the house.

Inclusion of your house in our database

Do you want to let out your house. We are still accepting new properties for rent. You can of course still contact us by phone or send an email. We will schedule a meeting with one of our specialist brokers by phone. The rental price can be determined in this conversation by means of specific questions about the home and location. Normally one of our brokers comes to take pictures, but we will not do that for the time being. You can supply photos yourself so that we can include the property on our website. We will also place the house with an attractive text on our social media channels and relevant websites such as Funda and Pararius. This way there is no time lost and your home is immediately available and visible to interested tenants.

Call for caution

During all of the above activities, Riva's employees will adhere to RIVM guidelines. We expect our customers and clients to do the same. We support the government's calls not to go outside unnecessarily and to increase the chance of the virus spreading. Feel free to contact us with any questions.  


Cover photo: Titia Hahne / Buro NCP


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