Riva apartment energy saving tips

Apartment energy savings can be huge when it comes to heating and lighting. Riva has some tips on how you can save yourself some money:

• Install a smart energy meter in your house or apartment. Now you can see directly on the web how much gas and electricity you used during a period. (Provider is Eneco, source https://thuis.eneco.nl/energie-besparen/slimme-meter/).
• Change the regular light bulbs to compact florescent bulbs. They have a higher initial cost but last longer and use less energy. Remember to dispose of them properly when they burn out; they contain mercury.
• Use dimmers on regular lights when possible.
• During the day, open window shades, blinds and curtains to let in natural light rather than turning on lights in the apartment.
• Light some candles (but never leave them unattended).
• Turn off lights and heating when not in use or before you leave the apartment!

In numbers:

Do not heat rooms not in use and you will save on average € 231 , - per year.
Save an average of € 41 , - per year by turning the thermostate to 15C in the evening an hour before bedtime.
Two minutes less shower will mean a saving of € 80 , - on energy and water bills by an average family.

Just including these simple steps in your day-to-day life can make a big difference when it comes to the bottom line on your electric bill. You can also feel good about the fact that you are living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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