Planning renovation Binnenrotte Rotterdam

Market area in Rotterdam city center completely renovated in 2015 

The Binnenrotte is the street between the Pompenburg and the new Markthal. The Binnenrotte is an attractive , lively, charming townsquare with in the future a new pavement, inviting terraces, lots of greenery and a sunbathing area. A new town square where 7 days a week living is good, both during the bustling market days and beyond.

binnenrotte rotterdam


Living in the city center of Rotterdam

With the upgrade of the Binnenrotte it means that living in Rotterdam City Center will be even more attractive. The view from our Markthal Apartments or Botersloot building improves and makes the Laurenskwartier even more popular than it already is!


Underneath an impression of the future Binnenrotte.


After and during the renovation the outdoor Market will stay and for our tenants in the Markthal apartments it is important to know that there will not much nuicance during the renovation. The construction will be until 19:00 hr in the evening on weekdays and the renovation will start in Juni of 2015.

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