Hillegersberg housing in a nutshell

Hillegersberg housing experience 

This week has been an exited one. I got to ride along with my colleague on an orientation tour in Hillegersberg and the surrounding area's. Normally I work at our office. Advising owners, Expats, preparing tours and and all the administration that comes with renting properties.

I love my work at the office but it was a great experience to go along on a tour. With this blog I would like to take all expats on a orientation tour through Hillegersberg and give you the pro's and con's. 

American International School Hillegersberg

We started out at the American International school (AISR). Situated in the residential area of Hillegersberg, which covers the Northern part of Rotterdam. A child friendly and green neighborhood that has a lot to offer.
American international school Hillegersberg

Child friendly

Child friendly as you have, besides the AISR, several Dutch primary schools to choose from. It is a cozy neighborhood with small lanes, families houses and plenty other children to play with. Also, you can either walk your child to the school or "go Dutch" and take them by bike.


There are sports clubs, a riding school, football and hockey fields, and last but certainly not least you have Plaswijck park. A great, not to big, theme park with all sorts of fun. From a big playground to an out door swimming pool! 
Sports, if you are a fan of Golf you will definitely spend some time at the 18 hole golf course just behind the Bergse Bos. 

Green neighbourhood and shopping

Green as you will find the Bergse Bos (forest/park). Where you can walk your dog, get some quiet time in nature or have a drink and enjoy the view! Parking can be done in the streets (free!) and Tram line 4 will take you to the City Center of Rotterdam.

Hillegersberg offers two shopping area's 1 smaller spot (Lijsterlaan) for all you daily groceries and one bigger area (Bergse Dorpstraat) with a few nice restaurants, clothing shops (plenty shoe shops :-)) and a big super marked (open until 10 p.m Monday until Saturday). In this area you will find mostly houses in a older style. Built around the 1930's or before that. Besides the family houses this is also the area for classic and exclusive houses in a higher price range. 


A downside of this area is it very busy during rush hour. Most traffic comes in and out by the 1st main road. There is the Molenlaan where you enter Hillegersberg from the Eastern side or the Straatweg which will take you to the City Center of Rotterdam. 
Are you looking for a modern new home? Just take the Molenlaan, a cross the Prinses Irenebrug, take a left and you will enter the subarea of Nieuw-Terbregge (still belongs to Hillegersberg). You will find modern family houses in a Scandinavian style. This is also a very child friendly neighborhood, where you will find several smaller playgrounds. Keep in mind you still have to deal with the traffic to get in to the other part of Hillegersberg or to the main road (A20). A second down side is that this area misses a grocery store. You have to do all your shopping on the other side of Hillegersberg.

Popular and simular area's 

Hillegersberg is a popular area for Expats and for the Dutch and therefor most houses will be rent out quickly. In case Hillegersberg does not have your dream house, there are other options worth looking at. On the Norther part of Hillegersberg at the other side of the N470 you will find, as the Dutch call the 3 B's. Bergschenhoek, Berkel and Roderijs and Bleiswijk. These 3 smaller cities have a lot to offer. Although, it seems a bit far away form the International school it is certainly doable (approximately 10-30 minutes by car). Teenagers can even go by bike (very common for Dutch children) to the AISR. These cities offer neighborhoods with new modern houses as older houses. All have a small mall for your daily shopping!


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