Rotterdam puts important days on the calendar

Riva greets international guests

Rotterdam is a super diverse city with over 170 nationalities. So you will feel right at home. Riva welcomes expats and international students regularly and we aim to help them getting acquainted with the city.

Meaningful days

So we would like to direct your attention to this calendar put together by the municipality of Rotterdam. It gives an overview of all the important days for all residents. Whether it is celebrating Divali or the Sugar Festival, the commemoration of the liberation, the international day against racism or global coming out day. These are the days that have meaning to you or your fellow townspeople. With this list you'll understand why your neighbour is flying the flag, why your colleague has coloring powder in her hair or your why your teammate treats baklava! 

International holidays

Rotterdam takes pride in acknowledging these holidays. The famous fountain on the Hofplein usually gets red to celebrate Holi, the Hindu festival of colours to mark the arrival of spring. 

Other notable dates coming are Ramadan (from april 24 till may 23), Keti Koti (july 1), Rotterdam Pride (from september 18 to spetember 27), the birthday of Erasmus (october 28) and Human Rights Day (december 10).

 Rotterdam Pride by Jordy Brada

Chinese New Year

According to the calander next up is Chinese New Year. The celebration is quite big in Rotterdam as we have a big Chinese population. Our Chinatown is located around West-Kruiskade and the Chinese have a long history in the city. January 25 marks the Year of the Mouse. From january 27 on the festivities will start. 

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2020 is the year of the Mouse! People born under this zodiac sign are charming, economical, efficient, diplomatic, entrepreneurial, ambitious, flexible and eloquent.

In honor of Rotterdam Chinese New Year, the Mouse appears at various locations in Rotterdam. The giant mice can be seen in the Koopgoot, the Markthal, the West-Kruiskade, MSC Nederland and at Holland Casino Rotterdam. Local artists Enfant Terrible, Studio-Zi, The Wrap Maniacs, Dyan van Staveren, MeLikePainting and Paul Benjamin are all involved in this art project.

From January 27 there is a parade of flags on The Boompjes. There are workshops and lectures Wednesday january 29 at Erasmus University during China in Focus of the Chinese Student Association.

Chinese New Year in Rotterdam

On Thursday January 30, Friday January 31 and Saturday February 1 the RotterTram will run as Beijing Express. In collaboration with Verhalenhuis Belvédère this will be a unique tram ride of 2.5 hours with an authentic Chinese eight-course dinner and special stories.

The big celebration is on and around the West-Kruiskade on Saturday 1 February. On this day is the well-known and traditional opening ceremony with fireworks and the traditional Chinese lions dancing. After this the lion will start his tour amongst entrepreneurs.

On the same day there are numerous other activities on West Kruiskade, in the Koopgoot and in the Market Hall. The celebration on Katendrecht on Sunday 2 February will consist of a lion dance, exhibition and fondue party.

Big festivals

Next to the returning holidays there are recurring festivals like International Film Festival Rotterdam (happening now), Rotterdam Unlimited and North Sea Jazz. We already provided an overview in this blog about everything going on in 2020.  

Rotterdam Unlimited Riva Expats

All these festivities will attract international guests. Keep in mind, next to the returning festivals we host the Eurovision Song Contest. Riva expects a lot of tourists and vistors. We want to provide them with the best accomodation. Although we're specialised in long term accomedations we also offer short stay housing. So our website will be a platform for people who want to visit Rotterdam for a short period of time.

Let out your house

Next to that we can help current and new home-owners take advantage of all these festivities. The big international festivals provide possibilities to rent out apartments for a short period of time, but at a higher rate. Contact us to get more information about the chances and make a profit.

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