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Good start in rotterdam
A new city, a new culture and a new job. That is a lot of information to process and most of it is in a language you do not yet speak. As a person who loves Rotterdam, Dutch history and Dutch culture, I would like to give you a good start in the Netherlands.

What does "going dutch’’ mean?
The phrase " going Dutch" most likely originates from Dutch etiquette and is based on the stereotype of Dutch people being ungenerous. The phrase means, when going out for dinner every person pays for their own meal and drinks. In real life, paying for your own dinner is indeed a very common thing to do. Although I must say my Dutch friends and family are actually the most generous people I know so I do not agree with the stereotype "being ungenerous". I do know that Dutch people love sales and discounts. But let's face it, who doesn't? Therefore you will not only find a summary of typical Dutch stuff you might miss as an expat, it is also a list of cards that will save you quite a lot of money!

Museum card
Museums are to be found all over the world and they are loved by many. I believe it is a good way to learn more about a country, a culture, history and of course all kinds of art. Rotterdam offers museums for people with all kinds of interests. An absolute must is the Maritiem museum. As a harbour city, Rotterdam is the place to explore more about the maritime world. I can especially recommend this museum to families as it has a great collection for children. It feels like a journey around the world.

But not only Rotterdam has amazing museums. All over the country there are many collections worth visiting. If you are a fan, like my self, I would definably recommend a Museum card or a Museumkaart as the Dutch call it. With this card you will have free access (some cases a small fee for a special collection) to 400 museums in the Netherlands for 12 months.

The price approximately: €60,- (per year). An entrance fee of a Dutch museum can be between €8,- and €20,- you will definitly same some money!

Please go the following link to see which museums you might find interesting. http://www.museumkaart.nl/museumkaartgeldig.aspx#tab-Zuid-Holland

You can get this card online http://www.museumkaart.nl/kopen, or in one of the 400 museums the card gives access to.

NS card for public transportation
Public transport is well organised in The Netherlands. A great way to travel and explore the country is per train. As an expat (family) you do not have to deal with the traffic jam and on your way to your destination you can enjoy the Dutch landscape.

For people who use the train often the NS (Dutch Railway/Nederlandse Spoorwegen) offers 3 kinds of discount cards:

1. Dal Voordeel.
When you are flexible with your travelling time this card is perfect. The cost are approximately €50,- per year. With the card you will get a 40% discount on your train ticket if you travel after rush hour (working days from 09:00 till 16:00 hours and 18:30 till 06:30 hours) and in weekends (starting from Friday 18:30 pm.). Also 3 other people get the discount when travelling with you!

2. Weekend vrij jaar
When you will travel by train in the weekends this is your card. You pay a fee of €40,- per month and get to travel for free on the weekends! During weekdays you travel with a 40% discount on your ticket price after rush hours. Also 3 other people gett the discount when travelling with you!

3. Altijd voordeel maand
In case you go to the office by train this card might be the best option. For a monthly subscription of €25,- you will have a 40% discount on your ticket after rush hour and in the weekend. During rush hour you will have a discount of 20%. Also 3 other people get the discount when travelling with you!

Please go to www.ns.nl/producten/en/abonnementen to order your discount pass.

Would you like to see and do as much as you can in Rotterdam? The Rotterdam pass is something to consider. With this pass you will get discounts on all kinds of activities and sights in Rotterdam. The discount depends on the activity but you will definitely save money. Always wanted to go to the Euromast? Do it with a discount! The pass will also give a discount on movie theatre and several restaurants!

The pass costs €60,- per year. However, do keep in mind that the pass starts at March every year so to get the most out of it, my advise would be to wait until next year!

Interested you can order online: https://concern.ir.rotterdam.nl/rotterdampas/bestellen?_ga=1.164912246.835705410.1449251246

* Prices are based on rates of 2015. No rights can be derived from the content of this text.

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