From bare Markthal apartments in Rotterdam to fully furnished

Given the huge demand for the Market Hall apartments in Rotterdam we decided to invest in five apartments and furnish them for the Expats in Rotterdam. One, two and three bedroom apartments with balcony, parking above 96 fresh food stores on this unique location in the city centre of Rotterdam. That must be a success!

From bare apartments to fully furnished for expats

To minimize the vacancy it was very important for us to furnish and decorate the empty apartments as soon as possible. Luckily we were prepared and ordered the most important furniture on beforehand so we were not dependent on long delivery times.


Given the unique project, we wanted to furnish the apartments also in a different way. All interiors are inspired by other indoor Market Halls over the world. Stockholm, Barcelona, New Delhi, Beijing and Istanbul. Recognizable for expats, comfortable and with the right look and feel! Not easy, but fun and with the right partners for the design and styling no problem!

furnished markthal apartments

Floor choice

The choice of the floor has been a difficult one. We go for durable, wear resistant and more expensive one, or are we going to replace the floor after a couple of years because of  the normal wear and tear? This will make the initial investement lower.  After visiting Laminaatgarant in Rotterdam and a simple calculation we were immediately convinced. PVC, a durable, resistant, expensive but very charming floor! We thank Steven for his great advice and fast service. No long delivery terms and also the installation of the floor is very professionally done. We are pleased to found a new partner who can operate quickly with the correct floor. In the picture below you can see which floor it has become.

furnished markthal apartments rotterdam


Given the themes, we have chosen to keep the furniture relatively neutral and and let the decoration and wallpaper create the right atmosphere. Given these are not our first apartments in Rotterdam where we provide the furniture, it was easy to choose the right items. Corner sofas, 46-inch flat screens and comfortable double beds are a must. Our advice is not to save too much money on the interior, as this is often an important factor of an expats choise.


We are now finalizing the interior with decoration and cleaning. In the short term, we will show the result of our furnished Markthal apartments in the form of a video and photos.

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