• Family house

  • 1 bedroom

Historic Delfshaven

Delfshaven originated in 1389, when the Delfshavense Schie was dug to give the city of Delft a connection with the Maas. Since then, the ships have been able to reach the Nieuwe Maas from Delft via the Delftse and Delfshavense Schie. The harbor town of 'Delfshaven' arose around the lock. It had the status of a 'Colony of Delft'. A setback in growth took place when, at the end of the Hoekse and Kabeljauwse quarrels (around 1490), the Hoeken caused enormous destruction. In the early sixteenth century, Delfshaven had just over 100 houses and 400 inhabitants.

Historical Delfshaven has gained worldwide fame due to the fact that the Pilgrim Fathers, from Leiden, came to Delfshaven at the end of July 1620 to leave a few days later, on August 1, with the seagoing ship Speedwell for the English Southampton. From there they left for America with another ship, the Mayflower. The church in Delfshaven later took over the name and has since been called the Pilgrims Father Church. However, according to tradition, the Pilgrims never entered it!


The apartment is a national monument and protected cityscape, located in Historic Delfshaven. The property dates from 1860. Over 90m2 over 2 floors with 1st floor and entresol with loft. On the mezzanine is the bedroom with air conditioning, closed wood fireplace and lounge. If desired, the sleeping area can be separated with a lined curtain. The sliding door gives access to the balcony and terrace with seating for 3 people. This exit is also an escape route, through the stairs around the chimney you enter the garden. The kitchen is equipped with new equipment for which a maintenance contract has been concluded.

Special details

- unique apartment in historic delfshaven with spacious roof terrace
- option to rent parking space for € 50,- per month
- advance heating costs € 250,- per month
- 2 city bikes included in the rental price
- the piano can be used for an additional cost of €150 per year. The € 150,- is for tuning the piano
- restaurant and stores within walking distance
€ 1850,- Price per month (included)
available No (rented)
Floor space 96 m2
Bedrooms 1
Bathrooms 1
Type of house Family house

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